RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund

Providing assistance to students who need help to cover the cost of purchasing pointe shoes for class.

Each pointe shoe is hand made with extreme precision and intricate detail opening a world of possibility for a young dancer. Much time and many elements go into crafting the pointe shoe - satin, glue, and leather are used to create this quintessential tool for dancers in training. They are designed to break down and mold to the foot of a dancer in turn gifting the audience with those breathtaking moments we see on stage.

Why donate to the RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund?

The yearly cost of purchasing pointe shoes for a student’s training over 8 years can be overwhelming to a family. The RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund supports dancers with pointe shoes for performance opportunities, and provides assistance to students who need help to cover the cost of purchasing pointe shoes for class.

The RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund, established during RWB’s 75th Anniversary, is in honour of Jacqueline Weber’s retirement and for her 40 years of commitment to Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. During her tenure as the Professional Division Principal, she provided support and guidance to students and parents, ensuring that talented young dancers could pursue their dreams. A gifted instructor whose passion for the art form of ballet and love for her students inspired many generations of dancers.


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For more information, please contact:

Development Department
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“We used to get one pair of pointe shoes for a run of performances and I would make them last as long as possible, so I would try gluing them or putting them in the freezer to make them hard. My ankles felt better because they were supported, my toes hurt less and that one pair made a huge difference in the quality of my dancing. I felt ready.”
- Sophia Lee, RWB School Graduate and RWB Dancer

“Pointe shoes are an integral part of classical ballet training. Unfortunately these pretty pink, iconic shoes are extremely costly and turn out to be around 90-100$ a pair. Coming from a family a 6, paying for pointe shoes has definitely been a struggle for my family and myself over the last 6 years that I’ve been training in the professional division because not only do we have to pay for a pair or two of pointe shoes a week, theres also all the other expenses of tuition, residence etc. I’ve learned to make my shoes last as long as possible by glueing them when they begin to soften but there comes a point where its just plain dangerous to keep working in a pair of “dead” shoes. Having a pointe shoe fund to help students out with pointe shoe expenses would be such an amazing thing to have as it would help relieve our families and ourselves of some costs that at the end of the day are unavoidable if your aspiring to become a ballet dancer.”
- Isabella Pisapia, RWB School Professional Division Student

Did you know?

  • At 11 or 12 years old, young dancers will begin studying the art of pointe work and can only wear the shoes 15 minutes at a time.
  • After many years, the dancer will be able to train in pointe shoes for up to 6 hours straight.
  • Students of the RWB School’s Professional Division go through over 700 pairs of pointe shoes every year.
  • A pair of pointe shoes ranges from $75 - $150
  • One student will go through approximately 50 pairs of pointe shoes over 8 years of training.
  • The RWB goes through 40 rolls of satin ribbon a year and 40 rolls of elastic per year.