Val Caniparoli’s A Cinderella Story

Val Caniparoli’s A Cinderella Story

Val Caniparoli’s A Cinderella Story

Remember when families gathered around the television set on a Saturday night? That era, the 1950’s, is the setting for Val Caniparoli’s A Cinderella Story, a retro retelling of everybody’s favourite fairy tale.

Experience this unique take on the old-age story complete with vintage couture-inspired costumes, electric choreography melded with Richard Rodgers’ music, all arranged for a live jazz orchestra by legendary Winnipeg bandleader Ron Paley.

Act 1 - 61 minutes
Intermission - 20 minutes
Act 2 - 50 minutes
Total Run Time - 2:11

Photo: Company dancers Katie Bonnell and Dmitri Dovgoselets; Photo by Rejean Brandt

Featured Creative Team


    Val Caniparoli

    Lighting and Sound Design

    Alexander V. Nichols

    Music Arrangements & Orchestrations

    Ron Paley

    Scenic and Costume Design

    Sandra Woodall


    Sheryl Flatow & Val Caniparoli

Full Cast

Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee as Nancy (17, 18, 20)
Yayoi Ban
Yayoi Ban as Nancy (19, 21)
Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds as Bob (17, 18, 20)
Dmitri Dovgoselets
Dmitri Dovgoselets as Bob (19, 21)
Liam Caines
Liam Caines as Father
Yosuke Mino
Yosuke Mino as Dog (17, 18, 20)
Philippe Larouche
Philippe Larouche as Dog (19, 21)
Sarah Davey
Sarah Davey as Stepmother (17, 18, 20)
Jo-Ann Sundermeier
Jo-Ann Sundermeier as Stepmother (19, 21)
Alanna McAdie
Alanna McAdie as Stepsister (17, 18, 20)
Yoshiko Kamikusa
Yoshiko Kamikusa as Stepsister (19, 21)
Katie Bonnell
Katie Bonnell as Stepsister (17, 18, 20)
Elizabeth Lamont
Elizabeth Lamont as Stepsister (19, 21)
Jo-Ann Sundermeier
Jo-Ann Sundermeier as Dance Teacher / Fairy Godmother (17, 18, 20)
Sarah Davey
Sarah Davey as Dance Teacher / Fairy Godmother (19, 21)

All casting is subject to change  


Act 1


The hum of the television is an almost constant presence and source of delight for Nancy, a solitary young woman whose mother has passed away and whose father is frequently gone on business. Although she is often alone, she is not lonely: she has the companionship of her faithful dog and the household staff, all of whom dote on her. And she spends hours in front of the television, which sparks her imagination – particularly the announcement of the upcoming broadcast of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Scene I: The Family Estate

The servants busy themselves, happily preparing for the return of Nancy’s father from his most recent trip. No one is more excited than Nancy. But a chill descends when she sees that her father is not alone: he is accompanied by a new wife, her two daughters and her ever-present cat. The new family uneasily gets acquainted.

Nancy discovers that her father must leave again on business, and they bid each other a bittersweet goodbye. The servants, having been inhumanely overworked by the stepmother, are so frazzled that they quit. Nancy is left with the responsibility of cleaning the house. Her stepsisters are enjoying the television, now in their control, when the program they are watching is interrupted with tragic news.

Scene II: The Family Estate – A Few Days Later

The stepfamily devises a plan to poison the dog, who outsmarts them and escapes. Nancy searches for him, to no avail. Her search is interrupted when the doorbell rings and a messenger appears with invitations to the big winter dance.

Scene III: Arthur Murray Dance Studio

The stepfamily heads off to a dance class, to brush up on their skills before the big event. The stepmother forbids Nancy from attending, but she defiantly follows them. The class is in progress when a handsome young man named Bob appears in the doorway. Every woman in the room is spellbound. All the women vie for his attention, none more so than Nancy.

Scene IV: The Family Estate

The stepmother and stepsisters primp and prepare for the big evening. As the three women are about to leave, Nancy emerges from her room, ready to accompany them. But her stepmother orders her to stay home and continue working. Left alone, Nancy cannot hide her desolation. In the depths of her misery, her godmother appears.

Scene V: A Garden

The godmother uses her special gifts to transport Nancy to a magical garden filled with enchanting creatures – all of whom look vaguely familiar. Together with the godmother, the animals lovingly transform Nancy into the belle of the ball. The godmother warns her that she must leave the dance before midnight, for at that time the magic will reverse itself. The girl happily agrees, and under the light of a blue moon, departs for the dance.


Scene I: The Starlight Ballroom

The dance is in full swing when Bob makes his entrance; once again he takes over the room. At last Nancy arrives, and time seems to stop. She appears vaguely familiar to Bob, and as he gazes on her now, he is smitten. When at last they meet, they heat up the evening with a torrid pas de deux. Nancy and Bob have eyes only for each other. Nancy loses track of time, and is shocked when she hears the first of twelve gongs counting down to midnight. As the last gong sounds, she runs into the open elevator with Bob in pursuit.

Scene II: A Corner of the Estate/Somewhere in a Park

Unbeknownst to each other, Bob and Nancy simultaneously reminisce about the evening and their lost love.

Scene III: The Family Estate

It’s the day after the dance, and the stepsisters, consumed by jealousy, torment Nancy with renewed vigor. As the stepmother intervenes, they all stop to listen to a special television announcement about a handsome young heir who is asking his mystery woman to rendezvous with him that evening in the ballroom.

The stepmother and stepsisters have the same thought: they cannot let Nancy out of the house.

Before the unsuspecting girl realizes what is happening, the stepfamily is upon her and ties her up. They believe that with Nancy out of the way, they have a chance with Bob.

Scene IV: The Ballroom

Bob is alone in the ballroom, when the elevator doors open and a mob of young women swoop down on him. Each girl has done her best to look like Nancy, in the belief that she can trick Bob into believing she is his lost love. But no one dances like his mystery woman. Suddenly the elevator doors open again and Nancy appears.

Scene V: A Garden

The godmother, with assistance from the animals, again transforms the surroundings into a magnificent outdoor setting. A gold moon shines down. As the stepmother and her daughters leave town, Nancy and Bob settle in to watch Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

... And they lived happily ever after.

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