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Touring Repertoire

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet first began to tour Canada in 1945; then completed its first American tour in 1954. Today, the Company spends between 10-15 weeks a year on the road, performing in centres both large and small.

The average touring Company is approximately 40 people, including 26 dancers, 7 to 8 technical crew, and 4 to 6 staff and management. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet has developed touring infrastructure, of its over 50 year history of touring, which allows most of our productions to be setup and performed on the same day.

General Technical Requirements

  • Optimal performing area is 48 feet (14.5 m) wide, by 50 feet (15 m) deep. However, smaller spaces can be accommodated with prior consultation with the RWB’s production department.
  • The stage should have a minimum of 28 working line sets available, relatively evenly distributed from the smoke pocket to a minimum distance of 40 feet (12 m) upstage of the smoke pocket.
  • The battens should be a minimum width of 55 feet (16.75 m), made of 1- ½ inch I.D. Schedule 40 steel pipe (or equivalent).
  • Each line set must be capable of safely carrying 1000 lbs above pipe weight,and must travel to a minimum height of 55 feet (16.75 m) above the stage floor.
  • Free wing space of 15 feet (4.5 m) each side, offstage of the legs with 22 feet (6.5 m) of overhead clearance unobstructed as well as an unobstructed upstage cross over. Ideally there should also be a scenery dock for storage and preparation of props and scenery.


We require, at minimum, one male and one female dressing room capable of accommodating 26 to 40 dancers in total.



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