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Our last performance of Bright Lights, Big City, – the final of the season – happens to fall on Mother's Day this year. In honour of this special occasion, we thought it fitting to ask a few of our dancers to tell us how much their mothers mean to them, especially since a mother can be a dancer's biggest support.

I try and celebrate how special my mom is everyday of the year, not just on Mother's Day, because she truly is exceptional. She has been my biggest fan and has always supported me. And that really means a lot when you decide to leave home at 14yrs old to pursue your dream. She has been a role model in so many ways and I think what I love most is her ability to connect with anyone that crosses her path. She can plan anything, from my wedding to numerous trips abroad. She is adventurous, an incredibly talented cook/baker and a nurturer of everything that comes into her life. My mom is the best. Happy Mother's Day mom, and I will be performing to celebrate you for our last performance - Jennifer Welsman, RWB Soloist

My mom quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom for my two sisters, my brother and myself. I am not sure what more you could ask of a mother, but she always went above and beyond what we needed, from baking goodies for us daily to driving us back and forth to our ballet, hockey and swimming lessons!  I can only hope to one day be as great a mom as she was and still is to us kids! - Chelsey Lindsay, RWB Second Soloist

My mom has mastered the art of listening a lot and saying very little.  She trusts her daughters to make their own decisions, and sometimes mistakes as well, and she's always there to celebrate our triumphs as well as pick us up when we falter. Her trust in us has given us confidence and her support has given us freedom to become our own women. - Emily Grizzell, RWB Soloist


What makes my mom special is so many things. She isn't like any mother I have ever encountered in my entire life. She has always been there for me, and my brother and sister. All the thankless things that she did, from bringing my lunch to school since I always forgot it, or picking me up from school every time I got hurt and having to get stitches etc...(which was a lot). "Sorry to bother you Mrs. Dhaliwal, but Amardeep hurt himself again" was a common call she seemed to get. Not only that, shes a black belt in Taekwon-Do. How many moms do you know that can actually kick your butt? I remember asking sometimes for things that I never thought I would get, like getting to go to L.A. by myself to meet my dance teacher and take classes there when I was only 13. Yet, somehow, she just said, "We can make it work, if this is something you really want". I am so lucky to have my mother, and I am grateful every day that she has loved me the way she has.
- Amar Dhaliwal, RWB Second Soloist

My mom has always been the "supportive type." Whether it was driving me an hour each way to and from ballet lessons, or allowing me to move to another country to pursue my love for dance, she's always been behind me every step of the way. Thanks for everything Mommy! Couldn't've done it without you. I love you! xoxox 
- Jo-Ann Sundermeier, RWB Soloist

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